Yesterday (August 13), Emily attended the ‘Golden Exits’ Screening during Day 3 of 2017 Sundance NEXT FEST. High-quality images have been added to our gallery. Enjoy!

“I’m so sorry!!” Emily Browning announces as she sprints around the corner in skinny gray jeans and Nike Cortes, with a Labrador/Pit puppy in tow. “She’s very friendly,” Browning explains as she recounts the story of how she found the dog just 3 days earlier. The 2-month old pup (whose name is unknown at press time) was discovered alongside the highway en route to a photo shoot. Emily, with the help of her publicist, was able to coax the stray over and calm her down. After no chip was discovered at the vet, it was official—Emily became a dog mom.


“Hollywood movies are made for white men,” a large, bolded serif font sits atop of a Guardian article. I ask Emily about the interview where she discusses her aversion to the ‘hot babe’ archetype. “I remember when I said that. The next day that was the one quote. It’s not that I was misquoted; it’s just that everything you say gets taken out of context and sometimes dumbed down.” She considers her words as the pup begins to playfully chew her hand, “What I was saying was, a lot of the stories that have been told up until now have been predominately about white, cis-gendered, straight men, and there is this feeling, that… we’re so used to it, that it’s almost become innate. [We see] a white man is a person—and everyone else is another thing. It’s as though [you become] ‘other’ if you’re anything else. It’s just a really tricky conversation to have. You know, of course there are white men out there that have had a really fucking rough time, but it’s never because they’re white men that they’ve had a really rough time.”

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Yesterday (July 6), Emily attended the ‘God’s Own Country’ Premiere during the Opening Gala Night of the 2017 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival. Emily was there to support “Hannibal” and “American Gods” creator Bryan Fuller, who was given the film festival’s achievement award. Our gallery has been updated with high-quality images from the event.

I have just updated our gallery with over 250 high-quality screen captures of Emily in the latest episode of “American Gods” (Season 1, Episode 8), entitled ‘Come to Jesus’. “American Gods” will return in 2018 for a Season 2.

This week’s episode of ‘American Gods‘ finally reveals Emily’s second character in the show, Essie Macgowan. How good is she? I have just been updated our gallery with over 700 high-quality screen captures, so be sure to check them out.

Yesterday (June 7), Emily attended the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations with ‘American Gods’ at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room in Los Angeles. Our gallery has been updated with images from the event.