Character: Frances Shea
Created by: John Pearson (book)
Directed by: Brian Helgeland
Written by: Brian Helgeland
Produced by: Michael Bassick, Tim Bevan, Liza Chasin, Chris Clark, Olivier Courson, Quentin Curtis, Amelia Granger (among others)
Other cast: Tom Hardy, Paul Anderson, Christopher Eccleston, Joshua Hill, Colin Morgan, Millie Brady, Taron Egerton
Release date: 9 September 2015
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Running time: 2h 12min

The true story of London's most notorious gangsters, twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray. As the brothers rise through the criminal underworld, Ronnie advances the family business with violence and intimidation while Reggie struggles to go legitimate for local girl Frances Shea. In and out of prison, Ronnie's unpredictable tendencies and the slow disintegration of Reggie's marriage threaten to bring the brothers' empire tumbling to the ground.